Here we are.....4th grades! They’re becoming keenly aware of how they fit or don’t fit into certain social groups; friendships are rising in importance. Strengthened interconnectedness in 5th grader’s brain architecture improves ability in planning, problem solving and information processing. Their brains are speeding up the neural pathways that are already well established. Increased quickness, efficiency, and capacity of information processing.

Culture is the name of the game for the 4th graders, epecially Native American art. I can't to see their Sugar Skull - I love any art with skulls. The Piasa Bird and/or Thunderbird will be another great project! As nobody has seen these mythical creatures, it will be great to see how the students design their birds. The instructions are posted here should any student miss any of the days that we're working on the projects.

4th Grade

Sugar Skulls

Piasa Bird & Thunderbird