Why Do We Evaluate

The visual world and the written word go hand in hand as words are used to describe the visual world as images are generated from the written world. We humans live vicariously through art.....it's how we grapple with and interpret reality. By looking at anything closer, we come to understand it better because art is threaded into the human DNA and art transcends all linguistic barriers. Watch the James Bond scened below; check out how the two relate to the painting differently: Bonds as the "grand old warship" and Q as the "new ship".......it's classic. Afterwards, choose an artwork that you personally connect with and use the Art Evaluation to evaluate that art. Email your respose to me.

Your Assignment

Journalist and Artist couldn't be more alike than you think....both respond to the world through the medium that theist know best. Just as images are generated by the words that journalist use, words are conjured up through the images that artist create. It's on that note that I want the students to be able to properly critique and evaluate art. On my website link "Evaluating Art", the students are to choose a work of art that they personally connect with and write about it. Using the "Art Evaluation" sheet (found on the same link) they will use their answers to write & email me their THOROUGH 3/4 page response (Times New Roman font....size 12 font, single space, 1" margin). The image of the artwork you're critiquing must be included.

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Evaluating Art