Jeff Koon

Jeffrey Lynn Koons is an American artist recognized for his work dealing with popular culture and his sculptures depicting everyday objects, including balloon animals produced in stainless steel with mirror-finish surfaces. He lives and works in both New York City and his hometown of York, Pennsylvania.

Balloon Dog is a series of sculptures by the American artist Jeff Koons. There are different versions of this sculpture, made between 1994 and 2000, with each having a different color: blue, magenta, yellow, orange and red.

Balloon Dog is part of Koons' Celebration series of artworks and is one of many sculptures inspired by inflatable characters, including:

Balloon Swan (2004–2011)

Balloon Rabbit (2005–2010)

Balloon Monkey (2006-2013).

Koons said about the series, "I've always enjoyed balloon animals because they're like us ... We're balloons. You take a breath and you inhale, it's an optimism....."

Draw a Horizontal oval for the head


Jeff Koon

Your Assignment

Draw your own Balloon Dog!

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Draw your own Balloon Dog using ovals.

Follow along carefully while Mr. Page demonstrates each of the steps.

Add a Vertical oval for the ear


Draw a curved line behind the oval "ear". This will make the ear looks likes it's overlapping the other "ear"



Add another Vertical oval for the neck

Draw Vertical ovals for the front leges - just like the ears. Draw first leg, the a curved line behing the oval

Draw a big Horizontal oval for your Balloon Dog's Body.

Add ovals for the back legs - just like the front legs

Add another oval for the tail.

Draw the nose using a small vertical oval connected to the face. The daw three little lines..

Add color - shading by varying the pressure when you color

Don't forget the background!