Piet Mondrian

I have been a freelance illustrator for 25 years and have worked for a who's who of corporate America including Berol Pencils, Blockbuster Videos, Cirrus Logic, Clark American, Coors, Diamond Shamrock, Duracell, Frito-Lay, GameTek, H. E. B. Brand Grocery Co., Kellogg, Lucasarts, Mattel, MCI, Procter & Gamble, Orkin, Sega Genesis, and Thermos/Warner Brothers.

Born into a military family, I am the oldest of five boys. I started drawing at an early age. Due to my obsession with doodling, I had a tendency to neglect my school work. After 4 years in the Marine Corps, I acquired my art education at the Art Institute's of Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta. I work from my home studio and enjoy living the country life in rural Alabama, with my wife Vicki. My family consists of my two sons, Rusty and Andrew and my two stepsons, Eric and Tim (US Army). I enjoy fishing, hiking, and playing horseshoes.

I've sold work in galleries over the years, but I am currently choosing to represent myself by selling my work exclusively. The Internet allows me to offer quality works to a wonderful worldwide clientele without the costs of gallery commissions or framing. The result is a direct-from-the-artist product that is available for auction, other online venues, my personal website, or through the dozen or so juried shows that I am accepted to show at each year. My art is my livelihood and by purchasing my original paintings, illustrations and prints you help put food on the table for my family (two sons at home, 10 cats, 10 turkeys, 1 rooster, 2 cockatiels, 2 sun conures, 1 green-Cheeked Conure, 1 hedgehog, my wife and me).

Your paper can either be Vertical (up and down) or Horizontal (side to side)


Piet Mondrian

Your Assignment

Spot ligh of his work

Follow along carefully while Mr. Page demonstrates each of the steps.

Arrange your strips of black paper to make a fun composition - remember, your strips can only go up and down or side to side!


Glue these strip down on your paper using a glue stick


Use a variety of different lengths like Mondrian did - make sure your artwork is balanced!


Once the glue has dried, color various squares using colors......you can only use red, yellow, blue, black, and gray


His Artwork