Tom Hatten

Tom Hatten was an actor for TV shows and movies. He was also the the host for for various shows, like The Popeye Show. On this show, he would take time to create a amazingn drawing from a random line sent from a viewer. In the end, you couldn't even see the original random line.

Well you are going to do something very similar, except you are going to take an alphabet letter and turn it into an animal whose name starts with the alphabet letter you chose. For instance, if you choose the letter A, you can transform that letter into an animal that starts with the letter A: ant, alligator, aardvark, etc.

To the left of the picute of Tom Hatten, click on the videos to further understand what you are going to draw.

Choose any letter in the alphabet and draw it on your paper. It can either uppercase or lowercase.

Next, choose an animal whose name beginns with that letter. This will be the animal you draw.

Now start working with the letter. You turn in a different direction or add more lines. You can even draw it again, like I did for the letter B.





Tom Hatten


Your Assignment



Click on the color wheel for ideas and inspirations!


Transforming the letter:

     A) Start with simple lines and shapes

     B) Add some details for more interest.

     Carefully fill in your drawing with colored pencil.

* Color dark and slow; remember the Ladder Technique

* Be imaginative with color placement

* Click on the color wheel for ideas!

Random lines turned into a

beautiful drawing

Drawing an animal from an

alphabet letter